[Cheap & Best] Chef Coat and Complete Chef Apparel for 2017 Top Chefs

A chef coat just not only gives the feeling of professionalism but give a pride to a chef. If one chef when don  toque, jacket, checkered pants  which is black in color,  necktie, apron and side towel, then he is  continuing centuries old traditions because chef uniform is years old tradition.

This outfit of chef began in 1822 when French artist Marie Antoine Crème released a sketch called “Le Maitre d’hôtel Francis.”  In which two chef are portrait as wearing toque, trousers, a double breasted jacket an apron and shoes? However El Centro College pointed out, this setup would not become popular until 1878. Although all modern chef doesn’t wear this type of dress and usually wear the less formal version of this uniform but some pieces are still found in a chef uniform.

The Chef Coat

The double breasted chef coat / jacket was portrayed in Marie Antoine Crème’s sketch in 1822,, and was in full vogue by 1878. The main advantage of wearing this unique flapped jacket was that if the chef coat becomes soiled the flaps could be reversed with the dirty one which is hidden behind to create a better appearance. Thus A chef may be able to wear his jacket twice. However there were two layers of protection from splashes, heat, spills and steam.

The Chef Hat

Chef hat come from ancient time and is known as toque. Thousand year ago Assyria was common way of protection from enemies and is responsible for king safety to give this a royal look they were entitled to wear crown like hat made up of clothes and decorated with jewels. Nearly during 19th century Chef Boucher, who cooked for the Prince of Talleyrand, insisted that everyone in his kitchen wear a white toque for sanitary reasons. It kept up hair and sweat out of food and the length and shape of hat keep head of chef cool. Today top Chef’s wear toques approximately 12 inches tall, while apprentices and amateurs have eight inches hats.

Chef use towel to protect their hands when they lift hot items from stove or oven. If they don’t use towels it is neatly tucked into the apron behind the Chef. Side towel should not be used as whipping clothes. Always dry towel should be used. If out of habit, a spill is cleared with a side towel, it should be replaced immediately and if it get slightly wet it will not insulate hands. Some chef flung up towel on their shoulders which give them an unprofessional and untidy look.

The Apron

Aprons are worn over the jacket and around the midsection to protect the uniform as well as the Chef.

The Trousers

Chef Trousers is a small checkered pattern that easily distinguished the stains which develop while working in the kitchen.

The Shoes

A high quality supportive and protective is always overlooked part of chef uniform a hard leather shoes having slip resistance sole is advisable for better protection and support. Trackies are not allowed in kitchen as it doesn’t provide protection from sharp dropping objects or from hot liquids.

The Necktie

It suits a chef in the same way as tie suits a business man. Originally when temperature inside the kitchen was unbearable hot necktie absorb precipitation. Wearing a necktie also have a medical significance as it protect neck and throat from extreme fluctuations of stoves. Because if neck of chef get high temperature and then suddenly cools the chef may get ill, could caught cold or if the situation get worse if caught pneumonia.

How to Buy a Basic Chef Coat for Beginners

Chef uniform gives a sense of power and experience to that person in the kitchen in fully professional chef dress. White colored chef uniform is the symbol of cleanliness and protection.

Chef uniform for men and women is available in different styles color and fabric .Many chef believe that white is best color for blocking appearance of stain in the kitchen . Always choose a reputed site to buy uniform for trusted quality and fabric. For beginners white color is best to choose for both men and women.

Always go for that color or fabric Uniforms which has to be long durable, to last through those long hours in steamy kitchens but still make you feel confident and cool. For getting chef uniform of various trending styles, color and on discounted price just go with the link given below.

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 What is the pattern of chef coat for men and women?

Most of us think that men and women wear same time of chef jacket apron etc. but this is not true because men and women are different in their physic and therefore need different uniform with different styles and colors. Men generally wear pent with jacket, hat and a necktie.

chef coats

Women have the option to choose between pants and long skirts and jackets and hat is same for both of them. Women uniform should be perfectly stitched so that it looks good and suits the women body.

Men and women uniform both are made up of cotton stuff so that they feel comfortable while working in kitchen now a day’s women generally wear long skirts up to the knees which give them a hot look the hat is also adjustable so that women long hair could be easily covered .

Men and women both uniform is available in many different colors and is available online so that you can buy it easily according to your requirements and your color choice.