Is Chef Hat Really Needed – No #1 High Quality Cheaper Options in 2017

Most of the chef from all around the world wear a number of different hats which easily bounding between stirring, mincing and other cooking tasks. But the actual Chef hat that any chef wears is only because of a special distinction that tells a lot about that person who wear that hat, about their style, their level of expertise.

Hat word is derived from Arabic word and a chef’s hat is officially called toque. Traditionally, chef hats used to be aesthetic but now a day’s those chef hats are in demands because it provide a manner of comfortable and functional. Now-a- days there is hardly any chef who doesn’t wear a chef hat to complete their chef look. One fact is that meal cooked by person with chef hat is tastier then who doesn’t wear hat.  Chef hat mostly worn by head chef and is considered as essential part of chef uniform.

Do I Really Need a Chef Hat ? Who Introduced It !

It was in sixth and seventh centuries when workers from different fields adopt customary grab of the monks. This traditional of wearing hat continues with many different shapes. In 19th century a famous chef named Antonin Crème wear a tall white hat of different shapes and start popularizing this chef’s hat for various reasons. The main credit goes to CIA careme for inserting stiff cardboard into his soft cap to make it popular more classical style. Eve Felder says , French kitchen have long revolved around rigid hierarchy and said toque’s height would increase with the rank as the head chef always wear tallest hat.

chef hat types

Around 1980 Felder says chef began their moves towards  self confidence , self expression and branding with this hat she consider two members Jean Georges Vongerichten and Daniel Boulud as forefront who want to express their styles beyond the food that they are presenting. She says, at institute the students still loves to wear formal white hat just like the one which you can view below white hat which looks dignified and you can grab it in chepa as well  .

There are many stories behind this headdress worn by chef one of them was according to an article by an American institute Magazine that cook is a royal household whose headdress should be like king another story was that the original toque to Byzantine Empire when artists and philosophers fled the barbarians and sought refuge in Greek monasteries, where they became cooks.

They started wearing chef hat with a orthodox tradition when they cook food. Even after the Byzantines were steer back, Greek chefs continued to wear the hats as a form of rebellion and is represented as a sign of solidarity. It is perhaps that symbolism and sense of profession that led other chefs, including the French, to adopt the hats in their own uniform.

There are many reasons behind chef hat and some of the reasons that why chef wears long white hat is described below.

How to Exactly  Use a Chef Hat :

Aesthetic Purposes:- chef’s hat convey a message of professional appearance and add a sense of manner in a chef’s uniform. Height of a chef hat conveys the chef’s position the taller the height of hat the chef is considered to be more experienced and the pleats in the hats tells how much expertise the chef is.

Symbol of cleanliness:- chef hat get fully covered under the hat and prevent hair from directly falling into the food on the other side the brim absorb all the sweat and prevent it from falling on the face and into the food. Sanitary reasons are considered as main reason that why chef wear hat.

Comfort level:- chef hats are made in such a way that it allow heat decadence and air circulation easy inside keeping the chef’s head cool and give them a comfortable feeling and doesn’t allow them to worry about sweat.

Below shown is the most comfortable chef hat that we have identified and hand picked especially for you which is cheap and reliable .

Latest trends in chef hats: – Now-a-days toque is not preferred and instead a hat is preferred that give support, clean hygiene and comfort.

 And finally Now : Which Chef Hat to Choose Among all ?

Chef hats come in many shapes and sizes and also available from high tube like hats to very low floppy hats different shapes and sizes of hats are for different levels of chef. The head chef hat is a long white colored cotton hat which gives them a different distinction.

Hats can be made from many different types of materials and can be fitted on any size of chef head. The hat can be modified by its thickness and the size can be adjusted accordingly from the brim to adjust and complete the chef look.

These days chef hats are available in several different materials like cloth, paper, plastic hats are some of them are known as disposal hats which is mainly designed for one time use . unlike cloth hat there is no need to wash and reuse them and these are very cheap so that it can be used only once and does not have effect on your pocket so much.

 How to choose a basic cheap and discounted chef hat:

There are so many types of hats available in market and it’s a good advice to all that if you want to buy a chef hat it is better to buy a chef hat that is made of cotton or spun poly cotton as cotton is considered  as best fabric and is a breathable fabric and it does not shrink .

One thing you also had to keep in mind that hats material should be color fast so that color of hat doesn’t get off due to heat and sweat in summer.The below hand picked model is the best one for you in less cost and high quality .

A chef hat not only give a professional look to chef but also make the look complete in fact a chef hats can be connote the idea of art therefore every chef must have to buy a god chef hat.

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