Telangana Culinary Cuisine and Andhra Cuisine – The Variations and Similarities

After the separation of the Telugu states into Telangana and Andhra Pradesh everyone has eventually gone to the comparison mode in all aspects. Through our article let us smoothly touch the variances and the similarities of both Telangana culinary cuisine and Andhra cuisine at the same time. Through this article let us have this opportunity to specially mention the traditional dishes from both the states and their highlights.

About Telangana and Andhra cuisine:

The Telangana Telugu has its own separate uniqueness with a generous smidgen of Urdu mixed words. It is identical with the area’s culinary ethnicities that have been formed by the Deccan dynasties (plus the Nizams of the Asif Jahi dynasty) and hitherto biryani is not a customary dish excepting in Hyderabad. At hand is barely any renewed coconut castoff although a few serving dishes add dried-up coconut. Another time, you will not find too numerous vegetables that are share of regular diets. Murrel fish (the Telangana state government has very of late declared this as a ‘state icon’) is one of the only extensively used variations of fish. It is not unusual to find fish pickles in many houses, once more the Andhra specialty ‘Avakai’ is not as abundant here in Telangana.

Between seventeenth century Aurangabad was the capital state of Hyderabad State. It is not hard to find the Maharashtrian impacts. There is Baksham similar to Poli and Jhonna Rotte (Also called as Roti’s). Added mealtime specialty is the extremely smooth Atukula Dosa with compressed rice (also poha), rice, dal and curd in the mixture. One of the findings of Telangana cuisine was Pacchi Pulusu, an underdone lightly cooked form of the Rasam or Charu that is identical and same to the Kacha Puliccha of the Thanjavur Marathas. It is almost a Rasam which is specially a seasonal favorite served with hot rice.

Similarities in Andhra and Telangana culinary cuisine:

There are a few resemblances in between Andhra cuisine and Telangana culinary cuisine like the customary Ugadi pickle that is prepared for the Telugu New Year and the Garelu which both the states will enjoy eating  at the festive times Where as a little bit of regional touch will be presented as an added thing  the pounded corn form will be present in  Telangana culinary cuisine for the Garelu whereas in Andhra cuisine it will differ a bit There is similarly the infrequent overlay between Hyderabadi and Telangana culinary cuisine – the Mutton Paaya (The special  Sunday breakfast feast ) which  is not just common in Hyderabad but across the state.

But relatively we can say there are lot of variances than resemblances. Telangana culinary cuisine has its own rich and strong food authenticity along with Andhra cuisine. So each state cuisine has their own specialties and highlights. As the word already says unity in diversity let us hope the separated states hold the Telugu authentic foods without their regional barriers together and support each other to improve and prevail their culinary specialties global wide .

If we have missed mentioning about any of the special dishes in both Telangana culinary cuisine and Andhra cuisine please do add your suggestions in the comments box.