Telangana Culinary Cuisine – Batukamma Special Food Listing

Bathukamma means life goddess. This festival is renowned in Telangana state during the Dusherra festival.  It is a nine day festival which starts on New Moon day and ends a day just before Dusherra with the last day specially called Saddula-Batukamma or Pedda-Batukamma. Basically now a days people are celebrating the festival multiple times a year as per auspicious occasions .  Saddulu means Pulihora and Pedda means big or large.  On this auspicious day a diverse of pulihoras (A famous dish in TELUGU states) are made & circulated.  A special traditional sweet called ‘Maleeza’ is made on this special festive day.

On Bathukamma festival an collection of flowers are prearranged in a narrowed form on serving dish and it is worshiped as deity Batukamma devatha .  Flowers include Banthi puvvu, Uppu, Tanghedu, , Gunughu, for certain and other flowers also.  This festival is renowned by womenfolk, majorly by married and unmarried ladies. All of them will pray to Goddess for the wellbeing of their family.  Women folk will especially sing & dance applauding by clapping around the floral embellishment.  Bathukamma festival can be named as one of the most beautiful festivals as it will include beautiful flowers decorated in a eye feasting manner. Later they take Batukamma to a lake near and set it submerged.

telangana culinary special foods

Bathukamma Special – Telangana Culinary Cuisine

Each and every day of the celebrating festival symbolizes contribution of naivedhyam (traditional food offering to goddess). The naivedhyam will include the below ingredients specially.

This includes

  • Flattened boiled rice (Known as Atukulu in Telugu)
  • Sesameseeds (called as Nuvvula in Telugu) with rice dust (Called as Biyyapu Pindi in telugu) even known as Nookhalu.
  • Wheat-let pan cakes (Known as uppudu pindi Atlu)
  • Bhellam (Known as Jaggery in Telugu)
  • Simmered lentils etc.

are made and presented as Naivedhyam  during the festival. Ninth day of Bathukamma known as Saddula Bathukamma is noticeable by cooking of five types of rice plates on the special day which include :

  • Perughannam saddhi (Telangana culinary cuisine special -curd rice)
  • Chintapandu Pulihora saddi (Telangana culinary cuisine special tamarind rice)
  • Nimmakay saddhi (Telangana culinary cuisine special lemon rice)
  • Kobbari saddhi (Telangana culinary cuisine special coconut rice)
  • Nuvvulu saddhi (Telangana culinary cuisine special sesame rice)

Initially the naivedhyam is presented to goddess and then as a festival the food is made and it is distributed to the near and dear. There is no hesitation that Telangana has an amusing cuisine. People eat meals in a customary way, sitting on the ground and on banana Leafs using their own hands. Meal time is an intricate family event.  Nonetheless, urban populace has taken to eating on steel plates and dining counters. Though, the traditional Specialties and flavors remain the same from ages and ages.

This is how the customary and most special Batukamma Telangana culinary cuisine consists of from many traditional years. People have been following all the authentic norms and preparing the food and naivedhyam. We hope our listing has helped. Please do add your precious comments on Batukamma festival and Telangana culinary cuisine so that we can update the details if we have missed anything. In this festive season we wish everyone very good luck .