Telangana Culinary Cuisine – Foods To Taste Apart from Biryani

Staunch food lover and here we are with the ultimate hyderabadi   Then get by hand pander in necessity eat native food in Hyderabad. From mouthwatering biryani to delightful kebabs to astounding sweet dishes, you get it all in this Telangana city of Nawabs. So if the first thing that incursions you when it derives to Hyderabad is hyderabadi biryani and on the top of it you feel the solitary choice on menu left for you over here in Telangana, you are completely wrong. In spite of everything, Telangana is FOODIE’S ECSTASY!!

Here is a list of delightful and must try hyderabadi food possession the recognized biryani aside. So, here you go:


Time of year when Ramzan comes and no one speaks of any other dish other than the Hyderabadi most popular Haleem. Not biased for chicken likers but vegetarian variety is also obtainable. So go get it.



Sheeting down hot milk in the mug and totaling simmered water with tea greeneries, a flavorful drink which will revive anyone like whatever thing. For all the Chai likers, this Persian drink is a is a must and should have.



Nothing can exhausted and yes, stake you certainly not discerned somewhat as alluring as these crispy samosas. This slight food needs no juncture to perquisite your hunger and is confidently a value to give it a stab.

Butter Cheese Dosa- From the Ram Ki Bandi

Sounds very delicious correct? Want to clutch one? Taunt into this well-known food arcade, Ram-ki-Bandi to have the deliciously cheesy- pizza Dosa. For all the night ride lovers, this is the finest spot to stopover. Food at three early morning guys, you can eat them all.


The coarse consistency of the chilly and curry twigs gives any one a motivating flavor. This scorching overpowering dish will assuredly make anyone come again back for lot more.

Shawarma- Made of chicken

Garlic taste holding meat spiced with seasonal yogurt pulp. One out of the main hits in Hyderabadi cuisine.

telangana culinary cuisine foods to taste apart from Biryani traditional


These elaborate purple colored brinjals are fit to burst with a mixture completed of groundnuts, coconut, sesame and many other spices. A whole triumph to be eaten off completely.


This formula is a necessity to have if you are a non-vegetarian. The alluring flavors of this particular dish and just one mouthful of it will bounce you with a high level capability of journey of through Hyderabadi flavors.


The drool some consequence with the fragrance of ghee along with seasonings is completely value. With out this any one’s search for Hyderabadi food is partial.

So every time wandering around Hyderabad, do not overlook to give all of them a shot. This city of Nawabs will confidently make your trip an unforgettable one. Be the galli’s of the market to search for food bandis or be the giant eateries. Telangana’s cuisine will be expanded and Hyderabad will give you lots and lots. We hope our article listing has helped you for any suggestions please fill in the comment box.