Telangana Culinary Cuisine – Traditional Three Course Meal

Telangana state is well known for its idiosyncratic cuisine that comprises of widespread variation of sugary and spicy dishes. Existing to be a semiarid region, the main food in Telangana culinary cuisine is not rice as you expected but it is millet. As a consequence, a diversity of millets are taken as is or utilized to make healthful and countryside doughs that are relished with spicy embellishments. In detail, the food of the Telangana culinary cuisine is the fieriest in the whole Deccan region, thanks to the addition of red chilies in the provisions. Telangana culinary cuisine food has a lot of resemblances to Andhra cuisine, Maharashtrian cuisine and Karnataka, assumed that it is surrounded by these other states. Here is a glance into the delectable that Telangana culinary cuisine has to bid for all of us.

Telangana culinary cuisine – Break-fast

Telangana culinary cuisine break-fast is alike to southern Indian break-fast in maximum ways with upma, idlies and dosas actuality extensively made. Though, the utmost prevalent break-fast in Telangana region is the Sarva-Pindi, a flat bread completed of a mix of various coats speckled with chilies coriander, peanuts, sesame-seeds, garlic, ginger, and mainly dal.

Telangana culinary cuisine – Flat breads-Side Dishes

Flatbreads completed of sorgum sprinkle and millet sprinkle form the essential food of Telangana meals from the time when millets are plentifully found in the Telangana. The sprinkle is mixed with water and zest to make dough which is then compressed to make the rotis that are taken with accompaniments.

Telangana culinary cuisine – Main Course

Telangana culinary cuisine customs native crop like peanuts, mangoes and tamarind to add flavor to their add-ons. Cooked vegetables called kora and tamarind grounded gravies called pulus are the chief cross dishes with each and every meal.


The kora is habitually a parched vegetable like raw potato that are baked to excellence and versed in with salt and chili mix.


The pulus is made by seething tamarind pulp that is pointed with toasted sesame, chilies and cumin, onions and is utilized to wash the millet rotis.

Telangana culinary cuisine is also prevalent for its meat arrangements that are rural and factual to Telangana culture and arts. . Meats are seethed in perfumed gravies made with negligible spices that don’t disguise the unique taste of meat. The utmost prevalent meat groundwork is the mamusam pulus, prepared by leisurely cooking mutton eaten with rice.


Biryani is additional dish that is extensively taken in Telangana state, cheers to the Nizams impact. Rice .Having juicy spices and meat is heated over a dum (the authentic dum) to consequence in a scented and furry main course that is utmost relished with the help of curd. The biryani duos up into an entire meal in maximum areas of the Telangana state.

Healthy food, cooked with nearby obtainable elements is the trademark of Telangana culinary cuisine. We hope our listing has helped you. For any suggestions please do add your comments in the comment box. We will be happy to read them and update the article to make everyone aware of the authentic great traditional Telangana culinary cuisine.