Telangana Culinary Cuisine – Well Known Dishes

If you are looking especially for the Telangana culinary cuisine and its specialties then you are on the right platform. Here in this article we are ready to show up the glory of Telangana culinary cuisine by listing out some very famous and mouthwatering Telangana special dishes. We have covered the meals, breakfast, snack part and everything. So without any delay let us have a look at the listing to get yourself introduced to the great Telangana Food dishes. Along with the dishes we have even mentioned some main ingredients related to it so that it will be easier for the readers to understand about the dish and how it is made.

Telangana Culinary Cuisine – some well-known dishes

  • Sarva-Pindi: A spiced pan-cake regularly consumed in supper. It is prepared from rice dredge, ginger, green chilies, chana dal, curry leaves, garlic and sesame-seeds
  • Gonghura dal: This is one of the famous vegetarian dish cooked like dish Gongura Ghost The Dal is cooked with many lentils and chana in it as a special taster.
  • Bachala Koora/Curry: Special sort of spinach curry cooked along with many other curry ingredients and curry leaves. One of most prominent vegetarian dish.
  • Idly: This is a steamed loaf completed of lentil and rice most of the times had with sambar, chutney or just with kaarappoodi (It is chili powder).
  • Snack Chakinalu: A deep cooked snack made of sesame-seeds, rice dust, and carom seeds (called as vamu in Telugu). It is made in Pongal festival.

telangana culinary snacks

  • Pancake or Dosa: Pancake made using rice and dal which are eaten with Chutney.
  • Pesarattu: Pancakes are made using moong dal and they are specially served with ginger chutney. Pesarattu is occasionally stuffed with various other food stuff as well.
  • Chapathi: Wheat dough slightly fried in a pot and served with curry. When fried, it is named as puri which is served with potato curry and chutney.
  • Uragai Pacchadi: This is prepared by using, fenugreek) powder, chili powder, oil and mix of other powders. It is taken as a cross dish with meals.
  • Pachi Pulusu: Spiced Rasam or Charu made using chilies, onions and tamarind.
  • Sunnundalu : Round sweet sort of sweet prepared using roasted dal and jaggary (Called as bellam in telugu )
  • Telangana Sakhinalu: Crunchy food prepared using sesame-seeds and rice dust. This snack dish is specially prepared during
  • Madugulu: This dish is a sugary sweet e using butter, milk, and is covered with sweet-sugar. Pardha peni is also a one kind of dish sweet which is sugar dusted and crunchy.


Yea! Above listed are only some of very fabulous and famous Telangana culinary cuisine dishes. We hope we have succeeded in the listing by adding most of the parts of the dishes taken in breakfast time, snack time and meal time as well. We hope someone can help us adding few more authentic dishes of Telangana by mentioning them in the comment box present below. So that we can update our detailed listing introducing the Telangana culinary cuisine to the whole world.