All About Culinary Chef Cuisine

Telangana is a newly shaped state in India.  Its cuisine has the old Telangana touch, savor and authentic ways of making various dishes. And the fact is that from a lot number of years Telangana cuisine is being taken forward and followed authentically by the region. This makes it special cuisine among others.

In all occasions festivals and events a lot number of traditional Telangana dishes are made . Cuisine for any state is nothing but its most famous and special food culture and dishes. So without any delay let us go into listing of some common and popular cuisine from Telangana.

The dishes of Telangana are  the most spicy of all Indian food  Koora meaning is  curry and citizens enjoy both vegetarian and  non vegetarian plates. Some of famous Telangana dishes as already mentioned include vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes. Let us have a look at categorization:


  • Telangana special-Sajja rotte,uppudi  rice,
  • Telangana special-jonna rotte
  • Telangana special-thunti koora
  • Telangana special-vankaya and aritikaya pulusu
  • Telangana special-palakoora(spinach curry ),
  • Telangana special-sarva pindi(spicy breakfast dish )
  • Telangana special-maizevadas (makka garelu- breads eaten during meals). Famous vegetarian dishes  include tomato curry, dosakaya Dal, pacchi pulusu  among other dishes.

Telangana culinary chef cuisine not only is famous for vegetarian cooked dishes but even there are very famous for non vegetarian dishes and Telangana biryani is some word that is very very famous among each and every person  in Both Andhra  and Telangana states . biryani is something  which is served anytime and every time.

Hyderabadi Biryani – Special of Telangana

capital state of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh is  Hyderabad which  is very popular for Hyderabadi biryani which is made by authentic method of dum, which  is, unhurried heating. Food  in Hyderabad has innate its delectable flavor from influence of Muslim Nizams and also follows  Persian and Arab food authenticity ..

Chicken / Kodi palav is a cherished dish all over the Telangana state

  • Mamsam biryani,
  • Khaju biryani,
  • Pot biryani

are very famous food dishes. Gravy having dishes also include Chicken curry and Mamsam koora made using vegetables , Tomato and  onions which is eaten  mostly with steamed rice.


Not vegetarian dishes include


  • Telangana special-Chicken pulusu,
  • Telangana special-Meat
  • Telangana special-Regional Chicken curry
  • Telangana special- Mutton kaleyam(liver) fry

All these dishes will define the Telangana culinary chef cuisine in all the sorts which will exactly define the Telangana state food culture. In food making of Telangana culinary chef cuisine even the culture and arts of Telangana state. So by having a look at the food dishes only anyone could easily understand the authenticity of the Telangana culinary chef cuisine.

So we hope the above listing has helped everyone understand the Telangana culinary chef cuisine clearly in Vegetarian and non – vegetarian mode. So the above listed are the most talked about and traditional dishes of Telangana.   If in any case we missed the detailed listing please do add so that we can update the authentic Telangana culinary chef cuisine list .